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The owner and operator of the web presentation at the domain www.scenografie.cz is Scenografie Ltd. company, based on Černokostelecká 90, 100 00 Prague 10 - Strašnice, Czech Republic, registered in accordance with § 12 et seq. Act no. 121/2000 Coll., the Copyright Act, as amended (further "Copyright Act"), with an exclusive intellectual property rights to this website, especially the rights to use this website (further "the Operator").

Any further use of the website or its components by third parties is possible only with written consent of the Operator, issued pursuant to the relevant provisions of the Copyright Act.. The content of websites can be used without the consent of the Operator for personal use only, in accordance to § 30 of the Copyright Act.

The operator is not liable for the correctness and completeness of any information and documents allocated on the website. No obligations or commitmets arises for the Operator from the misuse of the web by third parties. The third parties can not claim any information and documents placed on this website from the Operator.

Web site design and realisation

Web site was realized by Agionet (see Web design references, Internet applications) on Joomla! platform, using responsive RocketTheme templates and optional K2components for articles management, RSForm! For the form management, Simple Image Gallery Pro for image management and Phoca Maps for map search management - for the Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers.

Project manager: Ing. Martin Kotouč
Project realization, PHP programming: Jiří Hlaváč
Project realization, Joomla! system modification: David Lerach, Jiří Kadeřábek

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